Sunday, August 22, 2010

my summer soo far ;)

Heyy!! i havnt been talking much my blog because lately i been busy! but now im back! i had sooo much fuuun this week! with my skillet cousins and family! we went for sushi the other day! Yuum! i hav sum bad news :( and sum goood news :)! SUMMER is ending soon and another year of adventures in school sorta :). im :(sad): that summer is ending and im excited that school is almost starting :D.anyways i just got back home from my grandma's house and my cousin lori's house just last week. it was sooo much fuun! i got to swim in lori's pool you rock lor! i also hung wout with my other cousin kobe,keiji,vivian,liam bosco!! oohh and the other other week i slept over at my aunts house, well we actually really didnt sleep in the house cuz my cousins lori,rachel and kobe. we slept outside in a tent it was soo much fuuun and scary at the same time!!! well thats all have for today bye!! <3>

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