Thursday, March 15, 2012

What a beautiful day ! :)

So march break has rolled around again! Yaay! I'm so excited! I started reading the hunger games for march break so I can do something relaxing and peaceful. Yesterday was my brother's birthday and we celebrated by going out to eat and might I say it was super delicious! School was stressful so I'm glad march break came but there's only a few days left and then school comes back :/ yaay.. On Tuesday I went out with my family and we went out to eat , we went to the park and finally we got to see the LORAX!! It was really short but I loved it anyways. Although I wish taylor's character talked a bit more and there was more of her. So I started singing lessons which I'm super excited about because music is my passion and who knows you might see me walking down the red carpet someday...;p LOL Any ways I'm super mad at my mom because she is being so unreasonable. -.- honestly I can throw her out the window, I can't express how mad I am at her! Well I won't actually throw her out but..

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