Thursday, March 15, 2012

What a beautiful day ! :)

So march break has rolled around again! Yaay! I'm so excited! I started reading the hunger games for march break so I can do something relaxing and peaceful. Yesterday was my brother's birthday and we celebrated by going out to eat and might I say it was super delicious! School was stressful so I'm glad march break came but there's only a few days left and then school comes back :/ yaay.. On Tuesday I went out with my family and we went out to eat , we went to the park and finally we got to see the LORAX!! It was really short but I loved it anyways. Although I wish taylor's character talked a bit more and there was more of her. So I started singing lessons which I'm super excited about because music is my passion and who knows you might see me walking down the red carpet someday...;p LOL Any ways I'm super mad at my mom because she is being so unreasonable. -.- honestly I can throw her out the window, I can't express how mad I am at her! Well I won't actually throw her out but..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Life

So today was the day that our class was supposed to peform our song, in earlier tis week we were assigned to write a song. My group sucked because we kept on laughing and we were really nervous. And this goes on our report card and I feel like if my teacher knew how we felt up front he probably will understand. But anyways I have exciting news!....IM GOING TO SINGING LESSONS!! WOOT! WOOT! LOL. But I'm super excited! I'm going to start this coming tuesday! My volleyball tournament is this friday and I'm SO EXCITED!

Friday, April 8, 2011


heyy i haven't been talking much because I've been busy with stuff. Anyways my back hurts badly because my friend decide that he's going to jump on my back ): . But other then that things are good. The weather has been great here. I have a geometry test next week and in drama we have to audition for a play. This is part of are mark.Well thats basically it. BYE NOW!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Break :D

heyy! i haven't talk much on my blog but lately I've been anyways its finally here. MARCH BREAK!!! For march break I'm sleepin over at my cousin lori and rachel's house.Also Lori and Rachel's friend is coming over as well, her name is Michelle.I met her already like 2 years ago.Well I really don't have anything to say so BYE!!

Monday, January 31, 2011


Yesterday was an awesome day! I got to hang out with my family.We got to play games,even though my cousin Vivian made me to the point where I'm scare when she plays the play station 3.We also talked and stuff.....umm...Lori and I watched Liam and Bosco for a little bit.
Song: Pray (by: justin bieber)
I just like the song though,NOT HIM!! ;)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dreams do come true!!! :)

I'm Eleven!!! Anyways I've always wanted one!! I just got my own laptop!! I am sooooo HAPPY!!!!!! So tonight our family is getting together for chinese new year!!! I'm sooo EXCITED! Tomorrow my brothers and I have a PA day!! I'm so glad I don't have school tomorrow. MY WISH:is to have my crush like me as well.....

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another year ends ,Another year starts ;D

Goodbye 2010 and HELLO 2011! I'm sad that 2010 ended D:.Anyways I just got back from my grandma's house,like a week ago.So my brothers and I started school 3 days ago.My teacher told us we could do this health competition where we don't eat junk food.Who ever is th last person who could be junk food free,my teacher will a candy apple.I got my very first guitar and I got "Just Dance" and "Just Dance 2".I got some really great presents from my family.Well thats pretty much it soo byee! :D