Monday, March 15, 2010

my cousins! :P :D

my cousins can sometime be a little grouchy but most of the time they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! i hav 2 baby cousins they r sooooo cuteee! their names r liam and bosco liam is older then bosco by one year and bosco is turning 1 this APRIL ! im so excited!! then my other cousins r eric and ronald eric is 2 and ronald is 5. eric is soooo cuteee! he acts like a monkeee which is pretty cuteee. ronald is cuteee tooo! i lov playin with him! then my other cousins r kobe and keiji. keiji is 7 years old, he loves videi=o games and + he is reallllly goooood! :p and kobe is the same years old as me we r both 10 his b-day was yesterday i misssed it booo-hooo :( !! he is awesome!!!! my other cousins r lori and racheal lori is younger then racheal lori is 13 and racheal is 15 years old they r the BEST!!!! i lov them sooooo much, i can always count on them + when we had a chinese new year partay racheal got drunk hahaha!!! LOL!!! :P and last but not least my cousin vivian aka vivi. vivian is sooo much fun!! but sometimes she can get really cranky (mostly in the morning) but other then that she is realllly niss. i hope u enjoy my blog and i hope u read another one of mine!!!!!!