Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hey! As you know I haven't been talking too much on my blog. Well because its another year of school. I LOVE MY SCHOOL! I got the same teacher this year as I wished, shes alot of FUN! Her name is Karen James but I call her Ms.James. Anyways my friends are awesome I'm in the same class with my friends Karen not my teacher Karen,Jolie,Cullen the guy I "had" a crush on,Nathan my little freckle friend and Lucas. Most of my friends are in the other class. This year im in the senior choir, junior choir, line dancing, I was in the Terry Fox commitee,I'm in the cross counrty and I'm a patrol.Now usally I hang out with my friends alomost everyday!
well I'm really really TIRED!
so this is all I'll write for tonight!


Hey! I haven't been to much on my blog. Well its another year of school.